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We can help you with all of your rail solutions with a very experienced eye towards all the operational aspects. We don't operate in theory we understand what it takes to run successful rail operations and help you build the plans you need to succeed operationally , financially and safely. The services listed below are some of the solutions we offer. Please contact us regarding any rail solutions you need.

Operational Rail Design Consulting

Review of rail design can help you prevent costly upgrades in the future, If your rail yard does not flow smoothly it can limit you from reaching you goals .

Terminal Management

Having someone manage your Terminals that has experience working with railroads and moving and loading freight can save you in operational costs such as:

  • demurrage

  • derailments

  • operator injuries

  • working with rail carriers 

  • efficient product movement

  • railcar expediting 

  • inspection of railcars

Rail Management and Operational Training

Proper training is a key component to successful rail operations, not only for your operators but for the personal managing the operations. Rail management is a unique job that requires special knowledge to be efficient. Rail operators need training, not only to stay safe but to move the rail cars and load them in an efficient manner. However, when cars derail due to human factor incidents, this can cost you hours of production, cost to repair rail and equipment. Properly trained operators will reduce your derailments and injuries,

Rail Training:

  • Management Training

  • Operational Training

  • Safety Training

  • Loading and Unloading training

  • Tankcar Securement Training

  • Class1 Air testing

All rail training is customizable to your needs. We can customize the training for your facility layout and equipment. the training will be targeted at the work you do not just general training so the operators understand how to apply the training in real operational circumstances.

Industrial Safety Training and Customized Training Programs 

Rail Construction Oversight and Project Management

Have someone with the knowledge oversee your rail construction to ensure you are receiving the value you are paying for and that everything meets your companies needs. 

Key Performance Indicator Creation (KPI's)

Operators and Frontline Supervision need to understand the basic principles of safety to be successful in their jobs and prevent quality and safety issues. We train all the fundamental industrial safety courses and work with you to create custom training courses to target issues at your facilities. We create custom courses for every level of the organization from upper management to frontline supervisors and operators. Don't settle for canned training or online programs that don't really meet your needs or aid in safety, quality incident reduction. 

We can also help you create procedures for operations and safety and customize the training with the procedures that are created so that you have a fully customized training programs that meets all of your needs.

Industrial Safety Training:

  • LOTO

  • Hand Safety 

  • Power Tool

  • Site Transportation

  • Ladders and Scaffolding

  • Hazmat

  • Walking Working Surfaces

  • Waterside Safety

  • ETC.....

Customized Training:

  • Loading Processes (Truck, Rail, Barge, Ship, Tanks, Piles, Conveyor)

  • Unloading Processes (Truck,Rail Barge, Ship, Tanks, Piles, Conveyor)

  • Dual Verification 

  • Quality Incident Prevention 

  • ETC....

Creating proper KPI's can help you greatly in measuring the proficiency of your rail operations and make accurate plans to fix underperforming areas. KPI's can also help you understand derailment and injury causes and develop plans for reduction.

Purchasing of Equipment

Work with us to understand your rail equipment needs and let us help you find the right equipment that fits your needs. Get help with locomotives, mobile railcar movers (ex. shuttle wagons), rail infrastructure ( ex. switches, rail, loading racks, passenger platforms, railcar purchase and leasing, rail maintenance equipment). Don't purchase equipment you don't need or that exceeds your needs.

Operational Consulting 

Being able to consult a knowledgeable  group that understands your needs and know how to overcome them can provide quick solutions and avoid longterm delays in efficiency to your operations.

Track Inspections

Having frequent track inspections can prevent costly derailments in the future that can cause long delays to rail car movement. We inspect your track and prioritize the repairs for you. We tell you what you have to fix now and what needs to be added to your long term goals. We work with rail repair companies to get you the repairs you need. Often times you don't need a major costly overhaul to continue doing business in a safe efficient manner. During inspections, we also look for conditions that could cause injuries to personnel and offer suggestions for mediation.

Create Operational Procedures

Having proper procedures in place helps everyone understand the expectations and how to work safely and efficiently. Rail procedures are required for certain operations by the FRA. We can develop safety procedures and operational procedures for your operations that meet all regulatory requirements.

Build Longterm Maintenance and Expansion Plans

Having plans for rail maintenance can prevent major rail delays and cost equipment damage and injuries, Put long term plans in place that meet your operational and financial goals,

Work with Regulators

Working with regulators and understanding what the regulations are can be a complicated world to navigate. We can help you understand how to work with the regulators and still accomplish your operational needs. If you receive violations, we can work with regulators to understand why the violation was issued and develop plans to prevent future violations.

Well Trained Temporary and Permanent 


We train individuals in all aspects of rail safety before they even reach your Terminal and have a data base of well qualified individuals.

Rail Logistics and Expediting Services

  • Facilitate movement of railcars with issues or delays

  • Handle railcars that leak or need repairs in route

  • Track railcars and identify shipments that could cause operational issues and work with carriers to find resolution.

  • Available to you on demand to resolve all railcar issues

  • Work with carries for rail car reroutes

  • Handle high value loads

  • Handle shut down loads with carriers for expedited movement 

Work with Rail Carriers and Regulatory Agencies on Notice of Violations (NOV's), Non-Accidental Releases (NAR's) and Tariffs

  • Speak to Regulators and Carriers on your behalf regarding NOV's, NAR's

  • Work with regulators during investigations involving NOV's or NAR's

  • Work with you to understand what failed in the process to insure a NOV or a NAR and develop resolutions to present to the regulators for fine reduction.

  • Work with Carriers on Tariffs assessed for repair of non-compliant railcars or breach of contract 

  • Put operational plans in place to reduce and eliminate NOV's.NAR's and Tariffs 

Demurrage Management

Understand demurrage and when you can be charged for demurrage is a complicated process. Carriers can charge you for demurrage when they are the one responsible for rail car delays. We can help your company work through these charges and understand what charges are legitimate and what are not. Don't just spend money on unjustified demurrage charges from a Carrier.​

  • Eliminate costly unfounded demurrage charges

  • Ensure contracts are being followed by everyone

  • Create contracts that accurately reflect how to spot or move cars at your facility to reduce demurrage cost.

  • work with you to understand why you are accumulating demurrage charges and work with you to create operational plans to reduce or eliminate demurrage costs.

  • Audit all demurrage costs and ensure operational plans are successful 

Additional Services:

  • Terminal Design

  • Loading and unloading Rack Design

  • Transloading 

  • Signal Systems

  • Loading Systems

  • Railcar Buying and Leasing

  • Derailment investigations and prevention plans

  • Car Repair

  • Equipment evaluation 

  • Rail equipment maintenance plans

  • Operations Management Auditing

  • Rail Safety Auditing

  • Virtual Training

  • Establishing Camera Systems to audit rail operation efficiency and safety

  • Build and Coach Company Safety Teams and Programs.

  • Help Companies establish behavioral based safety programs with peer and management auditing.

  • Rate Estimates

  • Obtain Quotes from Rail Carriers

  • Contract Renewels

  • Analyze  Route  Efficiently

  • Finding and evaluating new rail facilities

  • Right sizing your fleet

  • Audit your Freight Charges

  • Handle Disputes with Carriers

  • Expert Witness 

  • Start-Up new rail operations

  • Consult of loading racks and Fall Protection (fixed and mobile) systems 

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